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About us

TechniStone is the world’s leading manufacturer of hardened stone with more than 20 years of history. TechniStone is known mainly for the production of highly durable, reliable, exclusive kitchen countertops, but technical stone can also be used in the form of tiles or bathroom tiles.

The TechniStone headquarters is located in the very heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic, where the installation of original Italian BretonStone technology began on a plot of 20,000 m2 in 1991 in Hradec Králové. One year later, high-quality and innovative technical stone was produced under the name Bohemiastone. From the very beginning, a product line called Starlight was developed and launched, and shortly afterwards it has become a globally recognized term for high-quality and premium technical stone and remains to this day.

About TechniStone®

About the material

TechniStone® for kitchen countertops is maintained with conventional non-abrasive kitchen cleaners such as Technistone’s branded Orange Cleaner. In case of intensive cleaning (eg removal of old grease around the hob, scale at the sink …) it is possible to use the recommended products see. Cleaning Manual. After using these products it is necessary to wash the product surface with detergent and clean water.

Advantages of TechniStone® hardened stone

The benefits of Technistone® hardened stone are numerous. Its properties are used both indoors and outdoors. Hardened stone is highly resistant to scratches, bacteria and stains, it is also suitable for food contact and great for maintenance, so it is often used in the form of kitchen worktops. Technistone also boasts the whitest kitchen countertop on the market. Below you will find dimensions and product information.

TechniStone® hardened stone certification

For Technistone, the environment is one of the priorities, and the number of standards or certifications that our materials meet.

Contact us

Technistone, a.s.
Bratří Štefanů 1070
500 03 Hradec Králové
Česká republika

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